Swiss Pine Trail

Obergurgl’s most famous botanical sight

Enjoy the multifaceted fauna

The unique Swiss pine forest of the “Gurgler Kamm” UNESCO biosphere park in the Naturpark Ötztal, with its rust-red carpets of alpine roses, is without a doubt the most famous botanical public attraction in the region - but it is not the only one. The Gaisberg valley and the Rotmoostal valley, with its 6,000-year-old high moor, are also among the most notable botanic areas in norther Tyrol. Hikers can look forward to amazing flora, especially during the time between June and August when the flowers are blooming, some of which have east-arctic origins. The plants and flowers on the steep hillsides of the Kirchenkogl, Grantenwand and Liebenerspitze are even more luxurious than on the upper moraines of the Gaisberg and Rotmoosferner glaciers. A small garden of alpine poppies and gentians await you on the summit of the Granatenkogl. The watery landscape is just as fascinating, with the Rotmoos waterfall (plunging through a dark ravine, this roars 30 m over steep cliffs) and a corresponding variety of animals.

Hiking suggestion: the Obergurgl Swiss pine interactive trail

Walking time: approx. 1 hour. Go from Obergurgl on the Ortsstrasse street below the Universitätszentrum (University Centre) up to the last houses and turn right onto the drive way through the meadows to David’s Hütte. From here, follow the information boards along the walking trail to the edge (wayside cross and bench) opposite the Nasenwand. Sloping upwards to the left, hike through the picturesque 400-year-old Swiss pine forest to a small knoll. Hike back on a mostly level path to the Gaisbergbrücke bridge and then down the lane back to Obergurgl. You can purchase a brochure for the stations on this themed hike at the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl information office for € 3.00.



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